Innovating Tomorrow

At Mears we tailor solutions for our customers, enhancing strategic relationships through design, engineering, project management and materials management. From start to finish, we offer single source solutions for complex projects. With our deep-rooted experience and expansive resources, we are advancing the turnkey process with comprehensive engineering and design solutions. For over a decade, we have provided engineering and design services to gas distribution and transmission operators. Our integral team of engineers work to provide a complete picture of your product with the testing of your idea through reliable full-scale production, which translates into higher constructibility, dependability and quality on every project.


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  • Mains – PE and Steel
  • Mains – Cast Iron and Bare Steel Replacement
  • Service Lines
  • Town Border Stations
  • Metering and Regulation
  • Odorization
  • RTU and RMU
  • Cathodic Protection
  • AC Mitigation/Analysis
  • Pressure Uprating
  • As Built Survey
  • HDDs
  • Integrity Management
  • Auditing Support with State Regulators/PHMSA
  • Using software and tools to support Distribution
    • GIS, AutoCad, CadWorks
    • WMIS – Maximo
  • Flow Studies
  • Integration with Construction Services
  • Integration with Inspection Services
  • Project Management
    • Permits, Road and RailRoad, Environmental
    • Public Improvement – for road and/or utility expansions
    • Turnkey Designs
  • Inspection Services